In accepting this product, you acknowledge and agree that: (1) this may be an imported product not originally intended for sale in the USA; (2) seller is not an authorized dealer of the manufacturer; (3) if it is an international version of the product, it  may differ from USA versions in its packaging (which may include important product information), charger, AC adapters, printed manual, and manufacturer warranty; (4) if you purchased a "body only" offer, other parts such as the lens may have been removed from this box; (5) if you purchased a lens only, it is a new lens, but if it arrived in a white/plain box, it is not original manufacturer packaging; (6) if needed, a third party AC adapter and/or battery charger is included with the product; (7) the product may or may not include the original manual, but an English manual should be available on the internet; (8) Import items may not be eligible for manufacturer warranty, product recalls, upgrades, or rebates. In accepting this product, you agree that if you resell this product in the USA, you will advertise at the point of sale a notice containing the information set forth above.